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What is DeepStyle?

DeepStyle is an AI-powered editor designed to create marketable products. This powerful tool uses a Notion-based interface to integrate large language models (LLMs) with a dynamic data management system. In this context, generative models such as LLMs efficiently power all your editing processes, enabling you to quickly publish unlimited volumes of polished, attractive content.

Meeting the challenges of AI-driven content creation

The speed and efficiency of LLMs can have an overwhelming effect on the intellect. From this perspective, the machine's strengths become the user's weaknesses. Implementing large-scale generative AI models into our workflows often leads to over-reliance on algorithms, erratic results, and a lack of control. The current evolution of generative AI favors increasing autonomy in its operation, to the detriment of user agency. It is therefore more important than ever to learn how to methodically manage and oversee these technologies.

The effectiveness of generative AI as a means of producing professional content requires tight control over the flow of data generated by LLMs. By allowing users to drive the generation process at their own pace and in an ad-hoc data management space, DeepStyle bridges the gap between human creativity and cutting-edge technology.

Generative AI from a different angle

To date, the prompting solutions available in the AI ecosystem are not up to the task. Most are opaque systems with mediocre results, a lack of methodology, and high costs due to irrelevant tokenization. DeepStyle reverses this trend: with its step-by-step, open-source process for customizing and refining your prompts throughout your editing tasks, DeepStyle provides the tools needed to revolutionize literary and visual creation under the banner of excellence.

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